How is theguardian.org connected to Guardian News & Media?

theguardian.org was set up by The Scott Trust​, the sole shareholder in Guardian Media Group (GMG), which owns the Guardian. The operation of theguardian.org is overseen by a Board of Directors, the majority of whom are - and must always be - independent of The Scott Trust and its affiliates. ​ The Guardian will be able to apply for grants from theguardian.org for editorial projects that correspond with the priorities set out by the board of directors, and that are aligned with its charitable mission.

In order to support their shared mission of educating, advancing, and informing public discourse and citizen participation through the advancement of independent journalism, Guardian News & Media has entered into a resource sharing agreement with theguardian.org. Under this agreement, GNM may donate personnel services, office space, equipment, and other similar resources to theguardian.org, which are recorded as in-kind contributions.

What is the legal status of theguardian.org?

theguardian.org is a US-based non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. Like other 501(c)(3) organizations, theguardian.org must adhere to the rules for public charities as determined by the IRS, which includes a requirement to file annual reports that demonstrate how the organization in question is meeting its charitable mission. Our EIN is 81-2404459.

How is theguardian.org funded?

theguardian.org raises funds from private foundations, corporations, government entities and private donors that share our goal to support independent journalism and promote freedom of the press. 

Is this the same thing as the Guardian Foundation?

theguardian.org is entirely separate from the Guardian Foundation, which is a UK-based charity that focuses on journalism education, promoting human rights and the right to information. More details about the Guardian Foundation can be fo​und here​.